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Shopping for Baby Prams Australia? What You Need to Know

Baby prams Australia provide much comfort and convenience for both babies and the busy parents of today. Like any other parenting decision, careful consideration should be given in buying the perfect baby pram to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Some parents prefer twin baby prams to allow their babies more space to move and rest in. For twins, twin buggies are spacious enough though. So if you have two babies you wish to carry in a buggy, take a look at the following pointers on how to pick one of best quality.

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This stroller is great, has a large storage area underneath, handles like a dream and is easy to store. One downside is that it is a bit tricky to click and start folding.
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What to Look for in a Baby Prams Australia?

Baby prams comes in different styles and sizes that you need to at least need to know the basics about them before shopping. You would not like to end up settling for one model without having looked at other available and more sensible options. Websites featuring comparing baby pram types and brands can come in handy when you are doing research. They can give you an idea of the common features and prices of baby prams Australia.

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Your first consideration would be the whether you have enough space at home to place a baby pram. Traditional baby prams are bulky and heavy that buying them would not be a good idea if you live in a small apartment and often use stairs or elevators. Also, you also need to look at baby pram models to fit inside your car. Also think about the ease of getting the pram in or out. Of course, another important consideration when shopping for baby prams is how safe it would be for your baby. The pram also needs to be as comfortable as possible.

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Check the overall stability of the pram you are deciding upon. Forego models that can easily get turned over should you make the mistake of placing uneven balance on the baby pram. Those can be dangerous. You also need to take a look at a pram’s brakes. If the brake is not appropriate to the baby pram’s design and weight, you may meet an accident upon an incline. There are prams with breaks on the back or side that can be stepped on. Other baby prams feature hand brakes by the handles.

Especially for newborn babies, look for prams with five-point harnesses. This is enough to ensure that your baby will not bounce off or fall off should the pram ride over bumps, a steep hill, or a rocky terrain. These five points should go between the baby’s legs, across each shoulder, and over the waist. Always make sure that your baby is securely strapped before setting out to go for a walk using baby prams.

Pram wheels are also important things to look out. Large rubber wheels are good for almost any surface, including sand and gravel. Smaller wheels made of plastic are most ideal for pavements and city streets where they are unlikely to get punctured. However, the latter tend to get stuck on uneven road surfaces.

As the sizes wheels of prams differ, their sizes when closed or open also vary. Three-wheel baby prams can be lightweight but actually too bulky to store in closets or the back of a car. Stroller type prams are designed to be collapsible in what is called an umbrella fold. They can get flat and narrow to fit any car size or type. Some can be folded even smaller.

You can check out large all-terrain prams that come with a front swivel wheel. This allows a gentler ride for babies especially during corner and abrupt turns. One disadvantage of smaller swivel wheels, however, is that their performance deteriorates over time.